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Kurt Liedwart / Andrey Popovskiy / Martin Taxt
MIKROTON CD 54 | 2017

Edition of 300



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1. Hjem

Kurt Liedwart ppooll
Andrey Popovskiy viola, electronics, objects
Martin Taxt tuba

Mikroton Recordings is proud to present a full length release from three masters of quiet sound. Martin Taxt is a Norwegian musican who plays tuba and runs Sofa label, Andrey Popovskiy hails from Saint Petersburg and plays violin with objects, Kurt Liedwart plays ppooll using mostly sinewaves and quiet noises and one can notice his current transition to a more noise oriented sound.

"Hjem" is a joint adventure of constructing the soundscapes of mysterious clouds of harmonic and microtonal sounds. Acoustic instrumentation lost its human quality making machine-like sounds and computer imitated organ-like sounds and emitted cracked sounds of everyday life. The alchemic processes and procedures of working with the constituent parts reinforced by a beautifully conjured Toshimaru Nakamura's mix highlight the unique approach of each player to sound and their ability to build an organically sounding organism with unexpected turns.


Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard:
And finally label boss Kurt Liedwart is also a fanatic user of 'ppooll', and in September 2015 he played a concert with Martin Taxt on tuba and Andrey Popvskiy on viola, electronics and objects in Moscow, which was mixed by Toshimaru Nakamura. All of the recent Mikroton releases this is the shortest one at just twenty-eight minutes of mostly closely tight in sounds that only in one small section falls apart in some sort of rhythmic ticking by all three. Otherwise everything stays close together with longer sustaining notes on especially the tuba and the computer with the violin opting for a freer role, adding small bending notes, little objects being carefully played adding small textures to the proceedings of the overall sound. It gives the whole thing a bit of sinister character, with those sustaining drones lurking and filling the background, while never staying too long in the same place, and those small sounds on top of that that sounds like the murderer in this flic is never far away. Following the previous heaviness this is one of an entirely different one, but it works equally well.