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Junk & The Beast: Petr Vrba & Veronika Mayer
MIKROTON CD 58 | 2017

Edition of 300



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1. The Freedom of Speech
2. Ant Thriller (Mystery-monger)
3. The Wrong Drug
4. A.I.R. Pressure

Petr Vrba trumpet, clarinet, vibrating speakers, thermos flasks (track 4)
Veronika Mayer electronics, accordion
All tracks recorded June 2014
at CRO Czech Radio Broadcasting Company, Prague
All tracks recorded & mixed by Ladislav Zelezny
Mastered by Ilia Belorukov
Producer and designer: Kurt Liedwart
Photos: Andrea Buettner

Petr Vrba explores non-idiomatic improvisation using trumpets, clarinets, vibrating speakers and other electronics which made him one of the most active experimental musicians in Prague. He works with a lot of projects like Prague Improvisation Orchestra, Poisonous Frequencies, NOIZ, Doppeltrio, Rouilleux and Junk & The Beast.

Veronika Mayer is a composer, musician and sound artist from Vienna. Pure sounds, natural given phenomena and material are the basis for her work, always emphasizing hardly perceptible elements, giving it a reduced but essential form and very clear structures, following the characteristics and inner behaviour of the sound itself. In her electronic performances and instrumental works she explores the continuous evolvement and expansion of single grains of sound. Focusing on the striking results of very smooth and minimal changes in sound manipulation, she observes the slightest differences and variations during these processes of manipulation.

“Trailer” researches the combination of textural materials crossing them with vibrations of objects on the speakers, pure sound waves, feedbacks, tones coming from trumpet, accordion, electronics, and laptop culminating in creation of a muscular frenetic soup and tense energy fields.