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Kurt Liedwart & Oleg Makarov

Digital edition

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1. Surface 1
2. Surface 2
3. Surface 3
4. Surface 4

Kurt Liedwart analog synthesizer, electronics, light-controlled electronics, electromagnetic devices, radio
Oleg Makarov computer, DIY-electronics
Recorded, edited and mixed by Kurt Liedwart
Mastered by Kurt Liedwart
Design by Kurt Liedwart
Photography by Serge Kolosov

Kurt Liedwart and Oleg Makarov have been working together for 10 years as musicians and journalists. They made two musical magazines “Electronic Music” and “Contemporary Music” and used to play in Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra. Oleg Makarov designed a special instrument which works with speakers and piezo feedbacks and processed it on his laptop. Kurt Liedwart employed a whole range of his instruments from synthesizers, light controlled electronics to electromagnetic coils and radio. They recorded around 4 hours of music which Kurt Liedwart purified down to energetic explosions of electrons jostling each other on their way out of the speakers. Four tracks invite a listener to attain a rich and utterly compelling experience during a journey into the worlds of humanly controlled electronics trying to free itself from any human orders.