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Sound Canvas | 2
Compilation of sound art, minimal and experimental music | Part 2

Digital edition

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1. Steve Flato For Richard Maxfield
2. Darius Ciuta Planeta
3. @c One Hundred and Twenty (for Kurt)
4. Kurt Liedwart Log
5. Dave Phillips Perception Management
6. Jin Sangtae Re
7. Gabi Losoncy The Heart Does What It Does
8. Carlos Santos Scattered Lines With Earth Reflections
9. Angélica Castelló ft. Isabelle Duthoit Isabel
10. Phil Julian Cone7
11. MKM Bogota
12. Gerard Lebik Alloy #47 (Dedicated To Zbigniew Karkowski)
13. Billy Roisz Chiaroscuro
14. Simon Whetham Tied Weights For No Man
15. Jeph Jerman Mexico City 2016
16. Billy Gomberg An Instance Of This
17. Kurvenschreiber Vorübergehender Fehler
18. Vanessa Rossetto ft. Jacob Wick Idumea
19. Kai Niggemann Electric Canopy
20. Mads Emil Nielsen Constellation
21. Yui Onodera Or Infinity
22. Mathieu Ruhlmann Ordinary Apposition
23. Nicola Ratti / Mads Emil Nielsen / Nikolaienko M2
24. SEC_ La Disfatta
25. Vlad Dobrovolski Pillars Of Creation
26. Stephen Vitiello & Yui Onodera Shimmer
27. Robert Piotrowicz & Juanjose Rivas Horizontal Puto

Compiled by Kurt Liedwart
Design by Kurt Liedwart
Photography by Serge Kolosov

In 2008 I released the first part of Sound Canvas inviting such artists like Lawrence English, Sawako, Wouter van Veldhoven, Alva Noto, Frank Bretschneider, Alexei Borisov, Anton Nikkilä, Knut Aufermann, Frans de Waard, Heribert Friedl, Sascha Neudeck, Zenial, and myself to contribute a track. The first part dealt with sound art and minimal music and I was going to release a second part with improvised and noise music a bit later in 2009. The compilation was almost ready and something happened that hindered me from releasing it. Perhaps it had to do with the main label, Mikroton Recordings. No, I don’t remember why I didn’t do it.

Now almost 10 years later I decided to release the second part. The first part had to do, more or less, with its subtitle, with sound art and minimal music. Nowadays it’s impossible to name exactly what musicians are doing. I cannot definitely name what I do as a musician. It looks like a postmodern mix of everything what has been done before, not specially long before, it could be done 5 years ago or even a year ago. OK, I’ll stick to the term which I dislike a lot because it denotes whatever comes to mind, it depends mostly on personal listening habits and experience. Experimental music. I decided to make a compilation which could reflect my own personal view on what is going on interesting (of course, for me) fields of music. I found where to start and quickly I saw who I could invite. These are the artists who are strongly opinionated about their own music and with definitely strong individual styles of music making. Here it is, Sound Canvas 2 with 27 tracks by 35 musicians.

Kurt Liedwart