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Sergey Vandyshev
Dusty Windows

Digital edition

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1. Mist
2. Lazy Afternoon
3. Meadow
4. Sunbeams
5. Next Summer
6. Caravan
7. Drizzle
8. Forest Hut
9. Voyeur
10. Night Steps

Sergey Vandyshev pure data
Recorded, edited and mixed by Sergey Vandyshev
Mastered by Sergey Vandyshev
Design by Kurt Liedwart

Sergey Vandyshev developed a concept of wallpaper music which is melodic click’n’cuts without anything innovative and the main core of the concept is to continue working with the ideas of Eric Satie and Brian Eno to make similar soundscapes. Music as a part of the interior design inviting to listen attentively not only to the melodic structures but to go deep into the exquisite chaos of timbral roughness, microtonal shifts, warm noises, clicks and other microevents as if one scrutinizes design patterns of wallpapers and touches them with a finger.