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Mikroton Gestaltung is a graphic design studio founded in 1994 by Vlad Kudryavtsev. I'm a freelancer who has been creating art for 22 years. I gained my experience working in many publishing companies and for such magazines as Autoreview, Billboard, Artchronika and so on. Since 2008 I developed plenty of works for Mikroton Recordings (CD and vinyl covers, promotional materials for print and web).

I specialize in developing design for magazines, books, catalogs, brochures, leaflets and packaging. I'm also experienced in branding and personal identity, web design and ad campaigns for both print and digital media.

My work is marked by a clean, reductive approach to visual information with a speciality in the promotion of arts, artists and creative products. My aesthetic principles adapt easily to meet the needs of a project, and I take great care to create reproducible visual systems for ease of both customer experience and client usage.

Selected clients
— Afisha
— Albion Pub
— Artchronika Magazine
— Atlant Soyuz Magazine
— Autosport Magazine
— Billboard Magazine Russian Edition
— C-Media Media Holding
— Central House Of Artists
— Chinese Pilot Jao Da
— Comline Trade
— Contemporary Music Magazine
— Copy General
— Czech Center
— Czech Embassy
— DOM Cultural Center
— Expopark
— Feelee Records
— Galeon
— GEZ-21
— Intonema
— Kupi Avto Magazine
— Laminal
— Mikroton Digital
— Mikroton Recordings
— Noise & Fury Festival
— RBA-Holding
— Smartpixels
— Swiss Noise Festival
— Teni Zvuka Festival
— Text Publishers
— Za Rulem Publishing House

Curriculum Vitae

Services Art Direction
Visual Identity
Editorial Design
Book Design
Packaging Design
Web Intefaces
Mobile Interfaces
Experience 2018
Technical Designer

Prepress, Image Adjustment

Feelee Records
Label Manager

Print / Web Design, A & R, Vinyl / CD Production, Distribution, Internet Shop

Central House Of Artists
Graphic Designer

Art Direction, Identity Design / Branding, Print / Web Design

Artchronika Magazine
Graphic Designer

Editorial Design, Web Design

Afisha Publishing
Graphic Designer

Book Design

SPN Publishing
Graphic Designer

Editorial Design

Mikroton Recordings
Creative Director

Record Label Management, Accounting, Identity Design / Branding, Print / Web / Digital Design, Event Management

Billboard Magazine
Graphic Designer
Managing Editor

Editorial Design

Autosport Magazine
Graphic Designer

Editorial Design

Graphic Designer

Art Direction, Identity Design / Branding, Print / Web Design, Event Design

Comline Trade
Graphic Designer

Identity Design / Branding, Print / Web Design

Graphic Designer

Print / Web Design

Copy General
Graphic Designer

Print Design

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